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Mind Lab Pro®

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MindLab Pro® is a pre-formulated nootropic supplement. A blend of 11 different, potent nootropics formulated in one capsule. It offers a great convenience while delivering measurable and obvious increases in physical and mental performance. Mind Lab Pro® meets the brain’s complex needs with 11 nootropics working in 6 bio-pathways to optimise a wide array of cognitive functions — for whole-life mental performance.

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What Is MindLab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro® is a matrix of 11 evidence-backed, multi-tasking nootropics that are combined to target six pathways of mental performance: Brain energy, brain chemicals, brain circulation, brain regeneration, brain protection, and brain waves. Mind Lab Pro® is designed as a Universal Nootropic™ with diverse, far-ranging support of both short-term cognitive function and long-term brain health.

What Are The Nootropics In MindLab Pro Capsules?

Mind Lab Pro® Ingredients are the following:

  1. Citicoline 250 mg
  2. Phosphatidylserine (PS) 100 mg
  3. Bacopa Monnieri 150 mg
  4. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg
  5. Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg
  6. L-Tyrosine 175 mg (as NALT)
  7. L-Theanine 100 mg
  8. Rhodiola Rosea 50 mg
  9. B6 2.5 mg
  10. B9 100 mcg
  11. B12 7.5 mcg

How does Mind Lab Pro® work?

Mind Lab Pro® is different and better than any nootropic complex that’s ever been developed, thanks to an advanced formulation strategy. Mind Lab Pro® only uses research-backed nootropics that support multiple brain pathways. By supplying these multi-tasking brain-boosters in enhanced forms at clinical range dosages, Mind Lab Pro® promotes ”100% Brainpower™” mental performance that elevates your whole life.

How does Mind Lab Pro® work?

Unlike brain supplements that target one or two aspects of mental performance, Mind Lab Pro® is a whole-brain optimiser – formulated to promote an adaptive peak-performing mental state. Mind Lab Pro® benefits, therefore, manifest in many ways, and flex to meet any and all cognitive demands:

  • If you’re working out, you may feel more motivated and driven to excel.
  • At the office, you may notice enhanced multitasking or better single-task focus.
  • Learners may notice improved studying capacity and calm clarity during exams.
  • In competition you may notice improved strategic thinking and faster reaction times.
  • In social settings, Mind Lab Pro® may feel like relaxation, bright mood and fluid verbal skills.
  • Others may notice sharper recall, faster processing, longer attention span, etc.

As The Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® may enhance every aspect of your life by optimising many diverse functions of the complex organ that directs it all: Your brain.

How To Take Mind Lab Pro®?

ake two Mind Lab Pro® capsules in the morning or early afternoon. In times of intense cognitive demands, such as before a workout, during exams, or while facing a professional deadline, Mind Lab Pro® dosage may be increased to four capsules daily for greater performance-boosting activity. Do not take more than four capsules in any 24-hour period.

Is Mind Lab Pro® safe and free of side effects?

All 11 ingredients in Mind Lab Pro® are safe and well tolerated. But that’s just part of the story. Mind Lab Pro® is the only nootropic supplement of its kind with a clean label: No artificial colours, no preservatives, no GMO, no gluten, no caffeine and no additives. Even the capsules are clean: Premium vegan NutriCaps®. Mind Lab Pro® is 100% brain-boosting nutrition, with many ingredients in upgraded, enhanced-potency forms that are easier for the body to absorb and utilise. We take all of these quality steps to create a true Universal Nootropic™ that works for everyone, is safe and comfortable for everyone, and fits any lifestyle.

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro® in Dubai, UAE?

After long long time off, we (Nootropix) are happily offering 60ct. Mind Lab Pro® within Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the rest of the UAE.


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