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Piracetam is popular first and foremost because of its positive, profound impact on improving memory. In a meta-analysis of 19 different double-blind studies, Piracetam shows an exceptional improvement relating to memory. [1]

Cognitive Function

Piracetam improves cognitive performance especially in individuals with neurodegenerative conditions. While most studies are governing elderly individuals with chronic disease, there is nevertheless sufficient evidence proving it to be beneficial for healthy, young adults. [2]


Piracetam supports neuroprotection as well as encouraging healthy brain growth and protects as well as prevents it from neurodegeneration related to aging. [3]

Clarity of Thought

Piracetam improves sensory perception by increasing acetylcholine activity. Studies suggest an increase in self-awareness, zen-like state and an increased overall well-being.  Many report colors are appearing brighter and more vivid, and a heightened sense of perception, higher level of vibration, with a feeling of connectedness to nature and other beings. [4]

Anxiety, Stress, Depression

In a study by the Department of Pharmacology in India on the anti-anxiety effects of Piracetam, it confirms that; a delayed anti anxiety impact is apparent. Especially in individuals with anxiety due to alcohol withdrawal. Anecdotal reports imply piracetam is useful tool in managing stress and anxiety levels, and easing depressive symptoms. [5]

Learning Process

Over a 21 day study, piracetam shows an increase in verbal learning by 8.6% compared to placebo in healthy volunteering individuals. Dyslexics showed a significant 15% increase, and children showing an increase in letter-matching and reaction time. [6]