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(9 customer reviews)

Oxiracetam is a powerful nootropic that enhances memory, concentration, and learning ability. It’s a mild stimulant that improves physical and mental energy levels. If you’re looking for that added edge, Oxiracetam could be a great choice for you.

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What is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is a cognitive function boosting nootropic. It heightens focus and concentration as well as enhances memory and learning. Oxiracetam stimulate the brain, producing mental stamina and boosting energy.

Oxiracetam Benefits

  • Improves Memory [1]
  • Enhances Logical Thinking [2]
  • Boosts Focus and Learning Ability [3]
  • Enhances Prolonged Concentration [4]
  • Boosts Physical and Mental Energy [5]

How To Take Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam average dose is 1,200-2,400mg taken in 2 or 3 even doses throughout the day.

A good starting point would be:

  • 2x 500mg per day or
  • 3x 500mg per day

Where To Buy Oxiracetam in the UAE?

Nootropix offers 30 & 60ct. jars of high quality Oxiracetam capsules. All products has been lab tested for product purity and identity.


Attention: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

9 reviews for Oxiracetam

  1. T.G

    Fast delivery with top notch quality.
    Thanks Nootropix

  2. David

    Great product.

  3. Unknown

    Couldn’t have hoped for any better. My favourite racetam.

  4. AJ

    First time oxiracetam/nootropic
    4 stars

  5. Unknown

    For now I’m switching back to Aniracetam.

  6. M

    Thank you for your great customer service & quick delivery. I will definitely come back in the near future.

    • Nootropix

      Thank you!

  7. Tom

    It’s ok I guess, but no comparison to phenylpiracetam, at least to me.

  8. Jasim

    I like this better than all the other racetams I have purchased.

  9. Sarah

    Amazing. . .Ooooh boy. Well, for me, this is perfection. I’ve actually already bought & received my second bottle, so this review is a little late, but I just thought I should put this review up to show my gratitude for this fantastic prodcut.

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