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WUKIYO® esse

WUKIYO® esse is a whole-brain optimizer that supports a state of peak overall mental performance. It can increase focus and cognition, enhance energy levels, concentration and creativity, promote mental clarity, and support long-term brain health.

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WUKIYO® esse Benefits

  • Enhances memory, attention span, concentration, and the ability to learn.
  • Helps the brain function under distress.
  • Improved focus 12+ hours.
  • Increased efficacy of neuronal firing.
  • Enhanced verbal recall and executive functioning.
  • Significantly improved mental processing.
  • Heightened ‘flow state’, the feeling of being in the zone.

What i esse?

WUKIYO® | esse is the evolution of nootropics supplements, a world’s first genetically engineered nootropics formulation, with a high-efficiency capsule delivery system for its branded ingredients.

WUKIYO® esse ingredients

How does WUKIYO® esse work?

It takes 6 capsules and as little as 30 minutes to enter a realm of mental clarity and enhanced focus. In this heightened mental state, your reactions are faster, your focus clearer, your awareness heightened.

You’re more productive, more efficient, you can push the limits and transcend the boundaries. The possibilities are endless.

How to Take WUKIYO® esse?

Recommended daily dose and suggested use: as a dietary supplement, take one aluminium bottle packet (6 capsules) in the morning or early afternoon, preferably with a light meal or snack.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to boost supplement absorption and avoid dehydration. By design, the aluminium bottles are numbered in a sequence from 1 to 6. Since all the bottles contain the same ingredients, you may consume the product in any order of your choosing. Please be responsible and do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

This dietary supplement is intended for use by healthy adults (18+).


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